Information Security & Privacy

Do not ever share passwords or login credentials with others. Be aware of potential fraud.


Know The Bad Stuff

Protect yourself from Phishing scams.

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how we protect you

We Have Your Back

Learn about how we protect you from the bad stuff.

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protecting yourself

Protect Yourself

We'll show you the many ways you can protect yourself from fraud.

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customer service

Make Contact

Give us a call if you want to report any suspicious activity on your account.

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Knowledge is your best defense and we know you work hard for your money. Our team of professionals work around the clock to make sure your money and information are safe—whether you're banking on-line, by phone, at an ATM, or in a branch. We encourage you to explore our Security Center to learn more about how we protect your accounts, as well as learn how you can protect yourself from online threats.

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Our Security Commitment

Protecting our customers' account information is a responsibility we take very seriously at American Savings Bank (ASB). We will not ask for account numbers, full social security numbers, other confidential information, or personal account details from customers via email or text message. If you call ASB, we may request account numbers and other confidential information to verify and protect your account integrity.

For additional information and tips for protecting your information please see our Security Tips & Information section. If you have further questions regarding what information may be asked from an ASB team member or if you would feel more comfortable talking with one of our team members please contact our Customer Banking Center at (808) 627-6900 or toll-free (800) 272-2566.

The FDIC offers these guides for your protection: