Lihue Airport ATM in Lihue, Kauai

3901 Mokulele Lp. Lihue, Hi 96766

If you’re heading to the Lihue Airport to catch a flight and are worried you won’t have time to stop at a bank on the way, you can relax. The Lihue Airport, located on Mokulele Loop off of the intersection of Ahukini Road and Kapule Highway is on the edge of Lihue near the Ahukini Recreational Pier State Park. American Savings Bank has two ATM machines inside Lihue Airport for your convenience. Whether you’re getting off a flight and waiting for your baggage or are catching an outgoing flight, our ATMs give you access to the cash you need. One ATM is located in the baggage claim area, and the other ATM is in the terminal area.

American Savings Bank ATM in Lihue Airport
The first Lihue Airport ATM is located in the baggage claim area. Our baggage claim ATM in Lihue gives you a chance to withdraw cash while you wait for your baggage to be unloaded. There are restrooms nearby, and our ATM is located right next to the airport’s lost and found. The second ASB Lihue Airport ATM is within the terminal area. The ATM is centrally located to dining and shopping options. Visit our Lihue Airport ATM before boarding to get cash for a coffee or snack from Starbucks.

ATM Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean

ATM Services:

  • Cash Withdrawal Only ATM
  • Cash Withdrawal Limits: $300 per withdrawal, $1,500 per day


3901 Mokulele Lp.
Lihue, Hi 96766

One ATM In Baggage Claim And One ATM In Terminal.