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Personal Unsecured Loans

The easy way to get extra cash - without extra balances on your credit cards!

Equity Express

A Personal Unsecured Loan can help pay for your dream wedding, credit card debt or any other major expense.  You’ll save cash by paying for purchases over time — with a better rate than most credit cards offer, and no additional fees.

*Promotional Rates available for:

  • Principal amount of $10,000 or higher
  • Auto-payment from an active ASB checking account
  • Applications received 2/24/2014 to 6/30/2014



  • No application fee
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Convenient for large purchases or consolidating higher interest rate debts


Call, Visit, Apply

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Other Non-Promotional Loan Options:

  • Terms from 12 to 48 months
  • Available Loan Amount: $1,500 to $50,000 (upon approval)
  • Interest Rates: vary based on loan term and borrower's creditworthiness.

You may also print out the loan application Download Application and bring it to a branch.

* Offer is on an American Savings Bank (ASB) Personal Unsecured Loan (PUL). The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4.99% is for new, approved PUL applications received 2/24/14 to 6/30/14 that fund by 7/8/14, with a principal amount of $10,000 or more and a term of 48 months. Depending on your credit score, the promotional rate may be 4.99% APR, 8.24% APR, or 10.99% APR. Promotional rates are subject to automatic payment from an active ASB checking account. If automatic payment is cancelled or the checking account becomes inactive or is closed, the rate may revert to the non-discounted rate for the remainder of the loan. Other loans and terms are available, but the annual percentage rate may be different. Please contact ASB or refer to the current consumer loan rate sheet on For a 48-month loan of $21,000 at 4.99% APR, you will have 48 months of monthly principal and interest payments of approximately $482.53 with a new or existing American Savings Bank checking account and automatic loan payment option. Offer is subject to credit and underwriting policy.  This offer is not for Business or Real Estate loans. Refinancing of existing ASB personal loans or lines of credit do not qualify for this offer.