The convenient way to pay anytime, anywhere.

American Savings Bank Visa Gold and Platinum debit cards give you convenient access to your checking account and more:

  • Purchase convenience - make purchases and pay for expenses without the hassle of writing checks or carrying cash
  • Use it anywhere Visa is accepted - at grocery stores, gas stations and even online
  • Visa Account Updater - is a service that remembers your debit card information for recurring payments, and automatically updates your card number and/or expiration date information should your debit card be re-issued when expiration dates change, are reported lost or stolen, or when debit cards are upgraded. This service is available at no fee to you. 1


Debit cards are a convenient way to access your account and pay for everyday purchases—in person or online. See what's good about your free debit card.



Please note - ASB ATMs that are enabled with EMV card readers will hold EMV Chip Cards in the card reader until the transaction is completed.  This is similar to making a payment at a store checkout where the card is inserted in the payment device until the transaction is completed and you are instructed to remove it.

If the card does not have an EMV chip and it is active and has not expired, it will still work, and the ATM will prompt you to remove your card and continue your transaction.   

1.  For Visa Account Updater - It's important to know that not all billers/merchants participate in the service and, the service does not relieve you of the obligation to ensure that your billers and/or merchants have your correct debit card information on file. You should still contact your biller/merchant directly to make changes to your payment information. To opt out of this service, visit any branch or call our Customer Banking Center at (808) 627-6900 or toll-free (800) 272-2566.
2.  DAILY TRANSACTION LIMIT - Daily transaction limit or available balance, whichever is lower. Details of Gold Card Benefits and Platinum Card Benefits.