Prequalification Analysis -  At American Savings Bank, our residential loan officers can provide you with a prequalification analysis.  While it is not a loan commitment or an offer to extend credit, getting prequalified is a request for an estimate of the type and loan amount for which you may qualify.  Understanding your loan options or for how much you may qualify can prepare you for house hunting, or refinancing your existing mortgage as well as the mortgage loan application process.  We look forward to your online request for a free, no-obligation prequalification analysis.

Mortgage Loan Application - A mortgage application with American Savings Bank is the next step in the application process after prequalification. This step includes a completed loan application form referred to as “Form 1003” and the Loan Estimate.  To complete your loan application, there are required supporting documentation from all applicants such as income documentation, deposit and asset documentation, and other required and requested documentation.  Allow our residential loan officer as well as the Home Loans Portal to guide you through the loan application process. Learn more about our mortgage loan process.

Home Loans Portal -  The American Savings Bank Home Loans Portal is a secured website for customers who have submitted a completed loan application or who have requested a prequalification analysis. After receiving credentials to login, you can check on loan application status as well as upload documents that you are required or have been requested to submit.  If you need help with the Home Loans Portal, please contact your residential loan officer or use the Portal User Guide.