BUSINESS OWNERS: Ready to accept card payments and save money?


American Savings Bank Merchant Services program now offers a complete suite of payment products, customized, and integrated solutions to fit your point-of-sale environment. You can rely on our product selection whether you use terminal-based, PC-based, web-based or wireless communication methods.

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* Limit one terminal or mobile card reader per customer.  Two-year agreement; early termination fee may apply.  Terminal may not be compatible with other service providers.

More Ways to Get Paid



Countertop Credit Card Terminal (P2PE Terminal) - This plug-and-play device, which secures every transaction with P2PE and tokenization, features EMV acceptance, interchange optimization, gratuity options and a direct integration with CardPointe.


Mobile Application - Extend the benefits of the CardPointe platform to your mobile device, which can include hardware to swipe or dip credit cards.

Website Payments (Virtual Terminal) - Securely accept credit cards and eChecks with a powerful terminal, right from your browser.