Personal Identity Theft Plus

While there are no guarantees, monitoring your credit and accounts is one way to detect if someone is stealing your identity. That's why we've teamed with Merchants Information Solutions, Inc., a nationally recognized provider of identity theft protection and recovery solutions to offer Personal Identity Theft Plus which provides continuous monitoring of your credit and more for just $5.00 a month.
For the more complex cases, the Advocate consults with the provider's legal group, forensic accounting specialists, and fraud investigation team made up of former FBI agents and other law enforcement officials.
The Advocate provides post-recovery follow-up for up to one full year in case further problems related to the incident occur.
  • Reimbursement of up to $10,000 for covered expenses incurred to restore your identity to pre-event status1
  • Educational tools and tips delivered by e-mail to help keep you up-to-date and informed
  • Continuous monitoring of your credit with email alerts of any suspicious activity
  • A Certified Recovery Advocate who will work on your behalf to restore your identity to pre-event status. This benefit extends up to three generations of your family2. The Advocate:
    • Provides fraud alerts to the three major credit bureaus
    • Works with the Federal Trade Commission, the Social Security Administration, the US Postal Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, and local and federal law enforcement, and others as needed

Enroll in Personal Identity Theft Plus to take advantage of these added protections for just $5.00 a month.

ID Theft Plus Enroll

  1. Insurance underwritten by member companies of Virginia Surety Company. The description herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Coverage not available to residents of New York and may not be available in other jurisdictions.
  2. Includes you, your spouse, children through 24 years of age with the same permanent address as the account holder, and parents living at the same address or in assisted living, nursing home, hospice or deceased for 12 months or less.

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