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We understand that this is a difficult time. It is our goal to make this difficult process as easy as possible. This guide provides information to assist you in dealing with a loved one’s account after their passing. Please note that the information provided is for informational purposes only and may not apply to all situations and shall not be deemed as providing tax, legal, financial planning or investment advice.


To notify American Savings Bank of a deceased account holder simply provide us with (1) a copy of the death certificate; and (2) a completed Decedent Notification Form. The documents can be provided via any of the following methods:

The Deceased Notification Form is for notification purposes only and does not give permission to access funds or obtain information. Please refer to our Decedent Account Guide for additional information or visit any of our branches for personal assistance.

What other documents may need to be provided? This will depend on the relationship between the loved one and the person requesting the information. Several documents that are frequently required include:

  • Letters Testamentary
  • Trust Documents (Trust, Amendments, and Acceptance of Successor Trusteeship)
  • Affidavit for Collection
  • Recorded Deeds

What Happens After Submitting the Documentation? After you submit all required documents a representative will assist you with:

  • Making any necessary account adjustments
  • Closing accounts and transferring funds
  • Setting up additional accounts at American Savings Bank for the Estate and/or any heirs

The following links include additional information on common requests:

Can I send a photocopy of the Death Certificate or other records? We will accept a photocopy of the death certificate or other documents. In some instances, however, we may need to request an original certified copy.

Will ASB accept documents from other states or countries? This will depend on the type of document that is being submitted. Below are some common documents:

  1. Proof of Death – Yes. Certified copies of death certificates issued outside of Hawaii are typically acceptable. If the death certificate is in a non-English language, a certified translation may be necessary.
  2. Court Orders (including Letters Testamentary) – Generally no. Orders issued by courts outside of Hawaii are generally not accepted because courts from other jurisdictions do not have jurisdiction over Hawaii property (including bank accounts). Representatives seeking to access a loved one’s account generally must obtain an order from a Hawaii court.
  3. Affidavits for Collection – Yes. Notarized affidavits are acceptable if executed in other states/countries. Note that documents notarized in other countries must be signed and notarized at a United States Embassy or Consulate or include a valid Apostille.
  4. Written Instructions – Yes. Written instructions provided by a properly designated representative are acceptable if they are notarized. Note that documents notarized in other countries must be signed and notarized at a United States Embassy or Consulate or include a valid Apostille.

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