Standard Overdraft Practices:

Debit Card Coverage

This solution applies to all transactions, including checks, electronic payments, one-time debit card and ATM transactions. If you choose to participate in Debit Card Coverage, you can cancel at any time. If you do not participate now, you can choose to do so later.

  • Mail: Complete and return the bottom portion of the What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees form.
  • Online: If you are enrolled in ASB Hawaii Online, simply sign in to online banking and click on the “Self Service” tab. Then click on the “Card Courtesy Overdraft Preferences” link in the “Account Service” section and select "Opt-in" from the drop-down menu.

Overdraft Courtesy

This service automatically comes with your checking account and covers checks and electronic payments. It does not cover ATM or one-time debit card transactions. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

What fees will I be charged if American Savings Bank pays my overdraft?

Under our standard overdraft practices:

  • We will charge you a fee of $30 each time we pay an overdraft.
  • There is a daily limit of four (4) Overdraft and Returned Item Fees combined that we will charge you for overdrawing your account.
  • Also, if your account is overdrawn for 3 or more consecutive business days, we will charge an additional continuous overdraft fee of $3 per day, starting on the third business day your account balance is negative. This fee will stop when your account balance becomes positive or when your account is closed.

Protection Plans:

Business ProTecLine Overdraft Protection1

This line of credit can be used to pay for emergency expenses or to protect your American Savings Bank business checking account against overdrafts. An annual fee and finance charges on the outstanding balance apply. This program is subject to credit approval.

Overdraft Protection

Savings Overdraft Transfer2

Links your Biz Statement Savings or Biz Tiered Savings account to your checking account. Money in your savings account can cover overdrafts on your checking account. There is a savings overdraft transfer fee of $10 per transfer. Biz PlusSM and Biz DeluxeSM checking accounts enjoy a fee discount.

  1. Subject to credit approval and an annual fee.
  2. Regulatory transfer limits apply and a fee is imposed on the checking account for transfers made. There is no annual fee.