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Couple holding keys - mortgage vs. rent thumbnail

Paying a Mortgage vs. Paying Rent: What's the Difference?

Taking the path that makes sense for your ‘ohana - especially family finances - is a key ingredient to creating stability and a long-term ability to thrive. So let’s talk mortgage vs. rent....

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How to save money for a house thumbnail

How to Start Saving Money for a House

Owning a house in Hawaiʻi is so meaningful for us kamaʻāina - a foundation for long-term financial stability, a place for our family...

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5 Things to Know About Jumbo Loans Thumbnail

5 Things to Know About Jumbo Loans

Folks here in Hawaiʻi might seek out a jumbo loan if they’re thinking about a big single-family home, going in on a multi-family property for the extended ʻohana,...

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