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KeikiCo Contest

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When does American Savings Bank hold the KeikiCo Contest?
KeikiCo is held every other year in the odd numbered years. The next KeikiCo will be in 2021. Please revisit the KeikiCo Contest website in Spring 2021 for information on our next contest.

If I have any questions who should I contact?
You may email with any questions.

Why do I need to provide an email address of a contact person?
This is to ensure all the schools receive the same information at the same time. The KeikiCo Contest Committee will send periodic communication, announcements and weekly tips to team advisors/teachers throughout the contest period via email through

Can there be more than one contact person for a school?
Yes. If you want other teachers or advisors handling a team to be included in the distribution, email the individual’s name, school and email address to

Is there a limit to the number of teams a school can enter to join the contest?
There is no limit! In fact, we award a County Prize of $10,000 to the school that has the highest percent of participation in each county.

When are the business plan and video pitch due?
During the years that KeikiCo is offered, both business plan and videos are typically due in November.

How do we submit the business plan, video pitch and participation waivers?
All should be shared through Google Drive – see Google Drive Sharing Instructions here.

How do I share the files through Google Drive?
View Google Drive Sharing Instructions here.

When are the Student Participation Waiver and Teacher/Advisor Participation Waiver due?
All waivers must be submitted with the business plan and video pitch on November 6, 2019, by 5:00 p.m. HST. All files should be shared through Google Drive – see Google Drive Sharing Instructions here.

My team wants to use other classmates that are not involved in the KeikiCo Contest as extras in the video pitch. Are they also required to complete Student Participation Waivers?
Yes. If a team has recruited other students to be in photographs or on camera part of their video pitch (i.e. actors, extras, etc.), KeikiCo also requires those individuals to provide us with a completed Student Participation Waiver. All student members of a team must also submit completed Student Participation Waivers in order to have their business plan submission be considered complete.

Where can I get a soft copy of all the waivers?
All waivers are posted on the KeikiCo page of our website:


How long does the business plan need to be?
It should be a maximum of 5 pages, single-sided, double spaced and font size 10. This excludes the cover page and waivers.

Is there a sample business plan that can be shared?
Sample business plans can be found on the KeikiCo page of our website: We have a How To Video that was made to serve as an example and it can be viewed here. There is also a suggested Business Plan Outline in the contest packet.

What font type should be used?
The basic Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman is recommended.

How will the business plans be judged?
The business plan consists of 70% of the total score. The breakdown is:

  • 20% - Idea for product/service
  • 10% - The Business (mission, vision, etc)
  • 10% - Marketing Plan
  • 10% - Finance
  • 10% - Innovation
  • 10% - Market Research


How long does the video need to be?
It should be a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

Is there a sample video pitch that can be shared?
Sample video pitches can be found on the KeikiCo page of our website:

In what format should the video be in?
The format should be playable in Windows. Recommended formats are MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV or MPEG.

Do all the members of the team have to be in the video?
No, not all members need to be seen in the video.

Can the team have other classmates participate in the video?
Yes, other classmates may appear in the video, provided that a signed Student Participation Waiver is submitted for each one. All waivers are posted on the KeikiCo page of our website:

Are any other clearances required for the video?
Yes, in addition to signed Student Participation Waivers for each student that appears in the video, the following clearances include, but are not limited to:

  • Location releases
  • Releases from any person whose name, voice, likeness or persona is referenced, shown, or otherwise used in the submitted video
  • If any individuals depicted are under the age of majority, participants must obtain the signature of the individual’s parent or guardian
  • Names, contact information, or other personally identifiable information should not be included in the video pitch (for example, on a “credit roll”

What does it mean to use original music only?
Since we will be posting the Top Videos for the public to vote on, the videos cannot use any copyrighted materials, such as songs, lyrics, melodies, etc. All materials must be an original piece or a piece that you have obtained the rights to use. There are websites where you may download royalty free music or may pay a royalty to use stock music such as,,,, or

How will the videos be judged?
The video comprises 30% of the total score. We will be looking for clarity and completeness, as well as creativity and persuasiveness.

What is the People’s Choice Award?
This award will be given to the team in each division who received the highest number of public votes, but was not selected to receive First Prize or Second Prize money.

How do we find out if our school has one of the Top Videos and is vying for the People’s Choice Award?
Top schools will be notified through email or through their branch contact. We will also let you/your branch contact know when the video will be posted for public voting.

When will voting be open to the public?
During the years that KeikiCo is offered, voting takes place on the American Savings Bank Facebook page. The voting period typically begins at the end of November and closes at the beginning of December.

How do we cast our votes?
During the years that KeikiCo is offered, you can vote by going to – More information is typically posted in November.