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ASB Offers Tips on Preparing for Hurricane Season

ASB August 03, 2020 | 5 min read N/A

Hawaii’s hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, so it’s important to prepare your family for potential impacts of a natural disaster — both in your home and in your finances. That’s where our experts at American Savings Bank can help provide some tips to help you be proactive.

Our own Cliff Kaneshiro, Vice President and Branch Manager of ASB’s Main Branch, recently went on-air with HI Now to share some of our go-to tips in preparing yourself, your family and your finances for a natural disaster.

“There are two types of natural disasters that, living in Hawaii, we are especially at risk of – hurricanes and tsunamis,” says ASB’s Cliff Kaneshiro. “Being proactive is key to being prepared – from stocking up supplies to having access to your accounts, keeping your records and belongings safe, and creating an emergency fund.”

ASB Offers Tips on Preparing for Hurricane Season Image

The Hawaii State Emergency Management Agency recommends having a supply that will allow you and your household to sustain yourself for at least two weeks. This includes items like water, non-perishable food, medications, a flashlight, toilet paper, batteries and clothes, among other essentials. Make sure all of your supplies are in a “go bag.” Just as important is making sure that you have your log-ins to your bank accounts in case you need to access your accounts.

Something that’s often overlooked is safekeeping of your important documents, such as your birth certificate, social security card and insurance coverage. Make sure these items are stowed safely, such as in a floor or fire-proof safe so that you have peace of mind during an emergency. ASB also recommends maintaining an updated emergency contact list, which might include family members, your financial institutions, lawyer, mortgage company and insurance agent in case services are needed during a natural disaster.

Something you can do quickly and easily today is set up an emergency fund. This will give you peace of mind when preparing for the unexpected, serving as a safety net in case something happens. You can open a savings account dedicated to your emergency fund and set it up so that you automatically transfer a certain amount into your fund every month.

“You can easily set this up at one of our branches across the state, or learn more by using our online Make an Appointment tool to schedule a virtual appointment with a branch from the comfort of your own home,” Kaneshiro says.