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Travel Tips for your Next Trip

ASB January 31, 2019 | 5 min read N/A

Spring Break is just around the corner! Planning a trip to the mainland or out of the country in the coming months? Whether you’re visiting family or ready to explore a brand new place, traveling can be fun…but costly.

Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of travel tips to help you on your next trip. We hope these tips will help you to plan ahead so you can worry less and enjoy more adventures with family and friends.



It’s never too early to start saving for your next trip. Even before you decide where you want to travel next, saving up now can give you an instant head start on building up funds for your trip. Start by putting a little bit of each paycheck towards a “travel fund.” An easy way you can do this is to open a new savings account specifically for your travels. Using an account separate from your existing accounts will help to weaken the temptation of using the money for other things. Once you have an account set up, you can use it over and over to save for each trip you take.

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Staying with family or friends while you travel is a great way to save money on accommodations. For stays longer than a couple of nights, however, you may want to consider an alternative. Mom and Dad’s house with one bathroom is great when it’s just them, but add a few visitors and suddenly you’re using the kitchen sink to brush your teeth. A hotel might seem expensive, but you can usually get great deals just by shopping around. Check the hotel website for seasonal specials, or your credit card for rewards or affiliate discounts.

Have a big family or lots of friends traveling with you? It may be cheaper to book an entire house or condo. Travel apps and vacation rental sites offer listings from property owners looking to rent out their homes. Most properties on these sites offer multiple rooms and amenities such as a kitchen. The best part? Rentals often end up being less expensive than booking a traditional hotel room.

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If you’re flying during a peak season, get the best deal by booking your flights early. For example, you should try to book as early as the beginning of October for Thanksgiving flights, according to CNBC. For the winter holidays, booking around October 15 is your best bet. When you’re looking at flights, you can use a variety of price trackers to help you score the best deal as you track prices.


According to 50states.com, as the most isolated population center in the world, flying from Hawaii to the mainland or a different country can make for long trips. As soon as you cross through airport security, you’ll see price increases on pretty much everything. Food is often marked up especially high in airports and on flights. Even if you skip the sit-down restaurants, your usual quick bite from a fast food chain is sure to be a couple dollars more expensive. The easiest way to save on meals when traveling to your destination is to pack snacks for the journey. Pack your favorite bento, some trail mix or other satisfying snacks to help keep you satisfied until you land at your destination.

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As you travel, be sure to keep an eye on your bank accounts. Choose a bank that offers online banking. This way, you can easily check your balances from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Check your accounts at the end of the day so you can make sure you’re on track with your travel budget. In addition to keeping your spending in check, online banking is a great way to watch out for fraudulent spending on your accounts. If you notice suspicious activity, talk with your bank right away and make sure you have some sort of identity theft protection in place.

If you’re traveling internationally, suggest exchanging money before you leave so you don’t end up paying a premium rate at the airport. 

Follow these tips to make sure your time is spent enjoying the trip rather than worrying about how much it cost. From our entire team at American Savings Bank, we wish you safe travels!

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