Online Security

We Have Your Back

How We Protect You

American Savings Bank utilizes industry recommended technology and security features to safeguard your information online.

Your Online Banking for Business sessions are protected by:

  • Transaction Encryption - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and 128-bit encryption technology scrambles the communications between your computer and the server, generating messages unreadable to anyone outside of the secure environment who should not have access to them
  • Firewall Protection - Unauthorized entry to ASB’s internal network of computer systems is shielded by our firewalls, which protects the computer network systems that interact with the Internet
  • Surveillance - Our security teams use up-to-the-minute security procedures, security analyses and behavioral tracking applications to ensure information privacy and identification of suspicious transactions

For Online Banking for Business users, your financial information is protected with these additional features:

  • Multiple user/level entitlements with secure access via Company IDs and passwords
  • Additional authentication with security tokens for ACH origination and wire transfers
  • Customized access in which you determine the accounts and reports your employees can view
  • "IP Lockdown" to restrict processing of stop payments, wire or ACH transfers by location or limit to registered workstations
  • Add-on services such as Positive Pay* and Debit Block* available for added monitoring and security

*Additional fees apply.


What You Can Do

For maximum protection, we recommend you do the following:

  • Report suspicious activity immediately. If you detect any fraudulent activity or suspect that your account has been compromised, contact us at all our Customer Banking Center at (808) 627-6900 or toll-free (800) 272-2566. Learn more about Identity Theft.
  • Create strong User IDs and Passwords
    • User IDs and Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and contain a combination of alpha, numeric, upper and lowercase characters
    • Do not use personal information that can easily be found online or guessed
  • Protect your User ID and Password
    • Do not share your username and password with anyone
    • Change your password every 90 days
    • Do not reuse passwords
    • Do not save login information on public sites
  • Protect your computer
    • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and keep them updated to defend against computer viruses
    • Keep your browser and operating system up to date
    • Use caution with emails and downloads
    • Log off and close your browser when you have completed your session

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