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Embracing Your Story

ASB October 22, 2020 | 5 min read N/A

Honolulu Pride Month may be coming to a close, but our commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community continues. Throughout October, we’ve shared several stories from ASB teammates who are proud to be LGBTQ+ and proud to be ASB. Click here to read the other stories, or check us out on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Our next ASB Pride Story comes from Nicholas Aviles, a teller at our ASB Kehalani Foodland Branch.

“I grew up on the mainland in California and my sexuality and race were always at the forefront of every conversation I had, whether with old friends or new acquaintances,” said Nicholas. “For a long time, I was scared to come out as a bi-sexual man due in large part to how my family would perceive it.”

For years, Nicholas struggled with being himself in his family and in his social circles. It wasn’t until he joined ASB that he felt fully accepted.

“I now live on an island that has not only embraced my sexuality but has helped me to accept who I am,” said Nicholas. “Ever since I became a part of the ASB Dream Team I have seen a large and proud support for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community, which let me tell you, was very surprising but also refreshing. Thank you ASB for accepting me for me!”

ASB is proud to be a workplace where teammates feel welcome and empowered to embrace and tell their stories. Do you have a Pride story you’d like to share? Tag or message us on social media! This week, we even launched a special rainbow filter on Instagram.