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Paving the Way to Diversity & Inclusion

ASB October 08, 2020 | 5 min read N/A

Organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace often have a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent, and typically see higher employee engagement – all of which can benefit your workforce and bottom line.

Here at ASB, we strive to be a workplace that accepts and supports individuals from all backgrounds, interests and sexual orientations. And, we believe it’s just as important to create a safe space and inclusive environment that encourages people to talk about and celebrate each other’s unique differences.

This week, we continue our Pride Month celebration with the first of four in our ASB Pride Stories series. Ty Yamamoto, a Digital Marketing Specialist in our Marketing & Customer Experience department, shares his ASB Pride Story in the video below.

ASB celebrates differences and recognizes that diversity in ideas, experiences and backgrounds make our bank better and stronger. Ty recently joined ASB’s Diversity Council, a group of highly engaged teammates who meet regularly to discuss how to enhance diversity and inclusivity at ASB. The Council develops ideas on how we can continue to ensure respect in the workplace while disseminating important information throughout the company.

“Honestly, throughout my life, I’ve never really been proactive in my LGBTQ pride and always sat in the background - watching everyone else make strides forward,” says Ty. “What’s great about ASB is that they give teammates an opportunity to grow and develop. One opportunity I received recently was being able to assist in planning our Pride Month festivities. These opportunities not only help me to grow professionally, but also helping me to step into who I’ve always wanted to be – a proactive LGBTQ member who has healed from past trauma, now ready to support those around him.”

ASB is proud to be a workplace where teammates feel welcome and empowered to embrace and tell their stories. Stay tuned for another ASB Pride Story next week.

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