1. The Personal Unsecured Loan (PUL) is subject to borrower qualification and underwriting guidelines. The interest rate is based on information contained in the applicant’s credit report including multiple credit scores. Based on a $10,000 loan amount at an interest rate of 4.99% APR (annual percentage rate) and on a four-year term, there are 48 monthly principal and interest payments at $230.25. The interest rate used in the example is as of 1/1/2019. Please refer to the current Loan Rate sheet or call us for current rates. A 0.50% off the interest is applied if automatic loan payments are established from your ASB checking account at the time of loan application.
Promotional or discounted rate requires you to have automatic payment with an American Savings Bank Checking account. Cancellation of automatic payment anytime during the life of the loan may increase your rate to the non-discounted rate.