Bill Pay

Paying bills has never been easier. Use ASB Online Banking to schedule single or recurring payments from your phone, tablet or computer and get rid of the hassle of checks and stamps. You choose the date of the payment and amount, we take care of the rest.

Eliminate Multiple Passwords

Managing all of your bills in one place allows you to eliminate the need to log in to multiple sites.

Make Research a Breeze

Searching your payment history and tracking your spending is at the tip of your fingers with Online Banking.

Set It and Forget It

Scheduling automatic, recurring payments for bills that are always due for the same amount and on the same day of the month saves you time and gives you peace-of mind.

Pay One-Time Bills

Paying a new person or business is easy and takes only a few steps to setup. And, if you ever need to pay them again, you can take care of it in a flash.

e-Bills and Alerts

Receiving your bills in your inbox is fast and secure. Plus, with email reminders, you’ll never forget to pay a bill.


Common Questions

How do I use the Bill Pay service?
  1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking and select "Pay a Bill" under the “Transactions” menu.
  2. Choose an account to use with bill pay and accept the terms and conditions (first time only).
  3. Select “Add a Company or Person” to get started.
What do I need to access the Bill Pay service?
To use the service, you must have ASB Online Banking access via online or mobile.
How does the biller collect the funds?
Depending on how the biller is setup to receive funds from the bank, they may receive an electronic payment, a paper draft (check), or similar payment type.
When will the money be taken from my account?
Depending on the type of payment the biller is setup to receive (electronic or paper), the funds will be debited on or around “Scheduled Payment Date” designated by you. Paper drafts (checks) will be debited when the biller processes your payment.
How do I cancel or change a payment?
You can cancel or change a payment that has been scheduled by locating the “Pending Payments” box in the Payment Center. Simply click “Change” or “Cancel” on the payment in question.
Is there a fee to pay bills online?
This service is free for Kalo Plus, Kalo Deluxe, Biz Plus and Biz Deluxe checking accounts. A monthly fee and/or transaction fee may apply to other accounts.